Altyd Water Campsite

Altyd water is a campsite situated in Rawsonville along the Smalblaar River. It is just outside Worcester, about 90 km from Cape Town, which makes it perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

It’s a relatively small campsite on a working grape farm situated behind the well-known Du Toitskloof wine cellar. The camp site takes a maximum of 40 guests and we heard through the grapevine that, if you are more than 20 guests, the farmer is willing to offer you the entire site. The campsite is equipped with electricity points and even through cell phone reception is not great on MTN, there is still signal. The entire campsite runs along the river bank and is almost all lush green grass which makes tent camping and caravanning a breeze. Thanks to Eddie getting there earlier, we managed to get the perfect spot under two huge trees providing afternoon shade over our tents. There are trees scattered throughout the campsite but because there are no demarcated sites, its best you get there early to make sure you get a spot that is just right for you.


It has one ablution block consisting of two single showers, two single toilets and two bathrooms with toilets and dish washing area. Toilets and bathrooms are basic, but most importantly it’s clean, the gas heater system provides hot water. All water is sourced from the Smalblaar river, but as always remember those 90 second showers. A nice added feature is that there are dedicated security guards in the evening to keep an eye on the site and its guests. Something to put your mind at ease.

The site lived up to its name “Altyd Water” despite the water level being very low. The flowing water provided the best backdrop to a beautiful campsite. There are many rock pools dotted down the river, many of those deep enough to swim and fish. The water is crystal clear and refreshing. This was especially appreciated on Sunday, when the temperature hit 35 degrees.

The campsite also has a lapa in the center of the camp, this provides a lovely area to have a lekker kuier with family or friends. The pics below are from the Altyd Water Facebook Page as this area was booked out for a birthday party while we were there.

On Saturday morning, the boys went out for a cycle into the Slanghoek valley, about 36km from camp. The wine valleys in this area cannot be described as anything but beautiful.  A warm, but overcast morning provided spectacular views of the vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. It made us realise that if we just stop for a second and look around, it’s amazing what you will see. Slanghoek has a MTB trail which takes you through the vineyards across some sister farms. Although slightly overgrown, it’s one to add to the bucket list.

Upon our return, we found the ladies were kind enough to start breakfast. Secretly, they were excited to hit the road and go explore, but this soon turned into a lazy camp morning. After breakfast, the exploring started. Du Toitskloof Wines was first on the list as it’s the neighbouring farm. When we arrived, there was a festive buzz. It turned out that they were hosting the Transbreede MTB race. We did a quick wine tasting then headed for BOSJES, as it’s a venue we have been wanting to see for a while. After exploring the valley we headed back to camp, put our feet up, and enjoyed the stunning, wind-free summer night at the campfire with great chats and laughs.


Sunday morning was much warmer.  Warren went on a quick cycle to check the soon to be launched Du Toitskloof MTB trail. This is definitely going to be one for the books. Its well marked, challenging and the views are nothing but spectacular. Its going to be the place to ride. For more info and opening date, please keep your eyes on their page!

The rest of us enjoyed the water for the last time before packing up. While sitting in the water, we once again realized how precious our water resources are and what small ecosystems exists within our rivers and streams. Its important for us to do our bit in saving this resource.

Then, in the 35 degree heat, the packing had to start. Its brought to an end a fantastic weekend at a gem of a venue where we will definitely be back.

We packed up and headed to Melissas’s at Du Toitskloof for brunch before heading home over the beautiful Du Toitskloof mountains. The signs of the devastating fires still evident, however, as it is with nature, we noticed signs of recovery despite the drought.


We will be back in the valley in two weeks; this time camping at the beautiful Slanghoek nature reserve.

Be safe, till next time.



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