Guano Caves

Freedom Day Weekend brought us another opportunity to try a new place for our books. This time, we headed to Montagu Guano Caves (, located on the well-known R62, approximately 10 minutes out of the beautiful town of Montagu, in the direction of Barrydale. Guano caves have featured on some top comp sites listings and we were keen to try it out.

Guano Caves resort is nestled on the foothills of the Montagu mountain range. Unfortunately, this influences the wind factor and we experienced this first hand on our arrival. We struggled through the wind, rain and dark to set up our camp for the night, but managed to set up quickly and proceeded to light the camp fire and settle in.

The campsites are sandy and fairly close to each other – don’t forget your ground sheets and have decent tent pegs. They do, however, have power and running water. We were fortunate to have packed in the trusty windbreakers, which aided in protecting us from the wind and also provided some privacy on our site. Our corner plot overlooked the campsite and we had very friendly neighbors.

We woke to a breathtaking morning on Saturday. When the wind dies down, it really is very pleasant. It is more than just a camp site – this is a farm, with animals, varied accommodation options, a restaurant and swimming pools.  It provides a playground for adults and kids alike.  The amazing views and ideal weather afforded Warren and Melissa an opportunity for an early morning run and cycle around the farm while we prepared breakfast and planned our day ahead.

We love exploring small towns, so it was decided that we head into Montagu to explore the town. Coincidently, it was the Montagu Makiti festival ( – the festival has markets, parades & entertainment for all ages. There was a great atmosphere in Montagu!


While walking through town we came across the R62 brewery – an awesome place where we got to meet the owner, who is also the brewer. Definitely worth a pop in when in the town!


Montagu is filled with warm and friendly people. We got a feel of life in this town while walking through the streets. It’s definitely worth a visit, even if you are not staying. You will feel welcomed and leaving will not be as easy as you think.

After a fun-filled Montagu experience, we headed back to camp and explored the farm..

They have a full functioning camp store selling wood, ice etc and there is ample supply. You never have to leave the farm to find what you need.

There are also various hiking trails and a trail to the bat cave after which the campsite is named. For the slightly more physically challenged, they do offer a tractor ride to the foot of the mountain, leaving you with 200 steps to climb before entering the cave.

The farm also offers Bush lapas, tented camps and a stone cottage. All these are well spaced, giving you much more privacy than the camp site.

Now onto the important issue… Ablution facilities. Its big thing for us. We can safely say they are clean, showers have great water pressure and have ample hot water. The one observation we noted is the number of shower cubicles. Other campers also commentated that they are not sufficient for the amount of people on the campsite. If you did not shower at 6am or midday, you’re going to have to exercise some patience.

Saturday night was a much better…not a breath of wind. We got the fire going and started our braai.  It was “braai day” weekend after all! A lovely end to an eventful day in town.


We were up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning, making sure to avoid the shower rush. That sorted, the ladies went back to bed and the boys went on a cycle into town. Watching a small town wake up is fascinating. We relished the smell of fresh baked goods in the air and church bells ringing in the background. The joys of small town life…

Sunday was spent relaxing and appreciating the fresh air. We started the fire for breakfast and kept it going all the way through to Eddies AMAZING OX Tail Potjie. We are trying everything to get him to share the recipe right here. For now, it’s a closely guarded secret, but keep your eyes on the blog…


A parting tip… we hit the road very early on Monday, to avoid the traffic heading back to Cape Town after a long weekend, having learnt our lesson from the last long weekend trip.

Thank you Montague, for a wonderful, adventure-filled weekend, just over the pass.

Till the next adventure…



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