Kayak Cape Town

The sad reality is, we can’t always be spending weekends camping 🙂

Living in beautiful Cape Town with all her amazing attractions, however, does make it easy to find a one day weekend adventureJ

We’ve often taken a stroll along the Boulders beach, visiting our very own African Penguin Colony. Walking along the pathway, admiring these birds in their natural habitat, we’d also notice groups of people kayaking out on the False Bay ocean. They had a unique view of the penguins and were sometimes treated to a close encounter with a penguin out for a swim.  It looked like a great experience, and so that’s how we decided on our next excursion.

After a quick google search, we found Kayak Cape Town based in Simons Town, with an easy on-line booking system. They have daily scheduled trips leaving at 8:30am and 11am in the summer. Booking is essential. We booked for an 11am trip on Sunday, 29th  January.  What a stunning morning; a wind free Cape Town showing off her best. Traveling along the awesome Boyes Drive to Simons Town, overlooking the ocean was truly amazing. Taking in the sights of our beautiful Cape Town really made us appreciate it even more. We found it a bit of a hassle finding parking at that time of the morning, not realizing how many people would be out to appreciate the day... unlike us excitedly rushing to take our the paddles to the ocean.

 We’d never been Kayaking, so were not sure what to expect. Getting our brief from the tour guides and putting on our life-jackets got us even more excited. The trip took us from Simons Town Waterfront, paddling along the South African Naval Harbour (giving us a glimpse of our naval vessels) and then on to Boulders beach.

The Kayaks we used are double seated. Getting the paddling synced  between two rowers was fairly challenging, resulting in an exchange of a few choice words, lol. We soon got the hang of it though, and were on our way, enjoying the spectacular views of the mountains and ocean.

Despite the destruction to mountain vegetation from the recent fires, the beauty of the area was still a sight to behold. Being out in the ocean was a therapeutic and calming experience, along with the occasional banter, making the adventure so much more fun.

 Our friendly tour guides would share their knowledge of the area and the African Penguin. Getting to Boulders beach, we’d get spectacular views of the penguins on land and others rafting in the ocean. These penguins first came to False Bay in 1983 because of food sources and the colony had grown steadily since. However, commercial fishing, marine pollution and habitat destruction has negatively affected the growth of this once thriving colony. This aquatic bird is now classified as an endangered species.

This knowledge made us realise that we humans have become nature’s worst enemysad, but true. Thankfully, for most of the experience, we didn’t have much wind.  Heading back into the harbour, we were faced with the wind head-on. The relaxed paddling turned into a complete gym session! The harbour in sight, we used the last of what energy reserves we had and powered through.

 We ended this great experience with an awesome lunch at Bertha’s Restaurant at the Simons Town Waterfront. They have a great selection of sea food and grills. We came to appreciate the natural wonders of our home town. 

Lets treasure our Beautiful Country

Link to website: http://kayakcapetown.co.za/



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