Chapmans Peak Caravan Park

Wow, where do we start?

This was definitely an interesting one. Being open minded people always willing to try something new, we had to realize that not everything would be fantastic and awesome. This, unfortunately, was one of those situations.

Not wanting to travel out of Cape Town for a camp, we decided to try something closer to home. To be honest, we had not heard anything bad about the establishment. But then again, we didn’t hear anything good either. We arrived to a very unfriendly lady whose main concern was noise. With most campsites, it on the list of rules but people are still allowed to converse. Lets just say that this camp site is not for bigger camping groups. We kept the noise down and managed not upset any of the elderly permanent residents.

The plots are a decent size and we always suggest setting up a wind deflector to provide some privacy. I cannot comment on whether they sell wood or ice as there was such a foul smell at the office, we ventured to the mall to get what we needed instead.

There are pool facilities, but they were not clean and there was a crazy high concentration of Chlorine. On the plus side, we were clean for the next week J

It has a few things going for it though… the camp site has decent ablution facilities, its close to all amenities and the sight from Chappies is nothing short of amazing.

To be honest, it was not the best camp site we have ever been to, but we are just a few people who might have had a bad experience. If you wish to try it, please let us know your experience. For us, that was the last visit. Just be warned, there is a zero tolerance policy with regards to noise.



Link to website:



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