22 Watervalle

The crazy thing about this amazing campsite… We stumbled onto it, or should we say into it, by absolute chance.

We were out visiting friends at Tietiesbaai  http://www.saldanhabay.co.za/pages/resorts/Tietiesbaai/tieties.html and decided to stay the night. It was crazy cold and very windy and definitely not the ideal first camp in the bay. After waking up the following morning, we were ready to hit the road and discover something new and, more importantly, warm. Our camping neighbours at Tietiesbaai suggested 22 Watervalle in Porterville. It was 60Km away and google weather made it sound fantastic. Off we went.

A quick phone call on the way through was answered by the most friendly lady, happy to accommodate us. The drive through to Rawsonville was nothing short of breathtaking, but hey… back to the camp site. This was no different. The name of the camp site, 22 Watervalle (22 Waterfalls) heralds from the 22 waterfalls you can see on the hike up the ravine at the camp site. The road leading up to the camp site can be a little difficult to find, so keep an eye out. This road is also gravel, but in really good condition.

The camp does have a few powered plots at the main camp site. This is a superb grassy area, perfect for caravans, and includes some shade along the river. My favorite are the campsites closer to the start of the hiking trail, called “Die Sirkel”. They are not as grassy and probably small when compared to some other campsites, but what they do not lack is character, flowing water and pretty much immediate access to the trail.

Be sure to book the plots next to the river, it’s well worth it!

Below you can see the campsite map that gives you a better understanding of the layout:


The 4×4 Camp is pretty much the same; you just need a higher clearance vehicle to cross the stream in the rainy season.

Wood and ice is available and prices are very reasonable. This camp site is definitely worth the visit, even if it’s just to experience the splendor of those magical 22 Waterfalls.

P.S they even have a little 4×4 play area which, while not being challenging, is definitely loads of fun!

You can find then here: https://www.22waterfalls.com/



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